Beginning of School Year at Clodomira Acosta School in Güines

Los que inician su andar por el sistema educacional cubano.
Those who begin their journey through the Cuban educational system. Photo. Author

Mayabeque, Cuba: With an enrollment of more than 700 students and one hundred percent teaching coverage, the 2020-2021 school year began at the Clodomira Acosta primary school in the municipality of Güines.

Preschool, Second, Fourth, and Sixth grades have the largest number of students. When comparing the general figures with those of the past school term, there is a remarkable growth of students.

The principal of the center, Yamilé Rivero Rodríguez, assured that the school is able to successfully work until December, when the first week of school recess will take place.

Rivero Batista said that in each classroom there is a sanitary hygiene protocol that must be strictly followed.

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