Actions Continue in Güines to Minimize Impact of Tropical Storm Eta

Actions continue in Güines to minimize the impact of Tropical Storm Eta.
Actions continue in Güines to minimize the impact of Tropical Storm Eta. Photo: Courtesy of the author.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The actions to minimize the impact of Tropical Storm Eta continue in Guines based on the guidelines of the Defense Council.

An evacuation center is ready to house families living in areas prone to flooding due to heavy rains, as well as residents of homes in poor condition, the vice president of the local Defense Council # 1, Pedro Hernández Rodríguez, said.

Human lives are also protected, there are resources in the medical institutions located in this area and the availability of Public Health professionals.

State assets are well protected in safe places, Hernández Rodríguez added.

The Derivadora Pedroso, in Mayabeque, is at 85 percent full of its total capacity, as announced the technical director of the Hydraulic Exploitation Company, the engineer Daniel Amaury Romero, during the tour of hydraulic works in the territory.

For her part, the deputy director of identity, engineer Marisleydis Martín Fleitas, explained that they are prepared to maintain communication with radio amateurs when weather conditions deteriorate, in order to guarantee the data on rainfall.

They also maintain links with the Institute of Meteorology and other entities.

Silvio Rolando Acosta, belongs to the Federation of Radio Amateurs of Cuba, and works to strengthen the communications of the Empresa Aprovechamiento de Mayabeque to pumping stations and areas of the Pedroso Mampostón Dam.

In addition, they carry out tree pruning and cleaning of areas in the vicinity of the Eumelio Torres Urban Basic Secondary School, located in the community of Catalina de Güines.

The work takes place to avoid the fall of the bushes by strong winds and intense rains. They impose the pruning of a framboyan planted at the entrance of the educational institution, which affects the electrical and telephone lines.

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