Remodeling and Expanding Spirulina Plants Will Favor an Increase in their Productions

Packaging and labeling of spirulina pills. Photo: Archive

Mayabeque, Cuba: Remodeling and expanding the capacity of the two spirulina manufacturing plants in Mayabeque, the only ones of their kind in the country, is among the 98 foreign investment projects for the development of the food production sector.

This initiative, contemplated in the medium and long-term development strategy and as part of the 2020-2021 Portfolio of Opportunities, will allow increasing the production of the important dietary supplement.

The invigorating and energizing properties of Spirulina make it a fundamental supplement when it comes to improving health. Its consumption contributes to raising the quality of life due to the components it has, such as vitamins, minerals and essential and non-essential amino acids.

From the plant located Jaruco, where the blue green algae is grown and harvested, the Spirulina powder is sent to the entity in San José de las Lajas where the release process is carried out with laboratory microbiology, then, in the die-cutting machines, the powder together with the additives until reaching the tablets

There six kinds of Spirulina are manufactured: the natural one, the one that contains vitamin C, the one combined with Noni, the Spirulina with Ginseng, the Spirulina with royal jelly and the so-called Gold, this includes Ginseng and royal jelly.

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