The Iron and Steel Industry in Cuba

Se reparan combinadas cañeras KTP y se elaboró la primera cosechadora de maíz en Cuba
Combined KTP sugarcane plants are repaired and the first corn harvester is built in Cuba. Photo: CP

Mayabeque, Cuba: The impact on the Cuban economy of the sidero-mechanic  industry, the implementation in the sector of the Economic and Social Development Strategy, the advancement of investments and the link with the universities were the themes addressed by the main directors of the Sidero-mechanical Business Group ( GESIME) at the Round Table Program of the Cuban television this Tuesday, in the first of two issues dedicated to the results of this important sector.

The President of GESIME, Reinaldo Luis González, said that they serve two branches: iron and steel and meta-mechanics, and without a doubt they have a very high impact on productive actions and services in the country, because what they produce is paid to the main spheres strategic.

Towards Agriculture, AZCUBA, Tourism, Transportation, among other areas, direct their efforts, taking into account two very important tasks: import substitution and exports.

The First Vice President of the group, Carlos Alejandro Estrada Fong, explained that they have three well-defined lines of work: the production chain, the sale in the chain of stores and in the Mariel Special Development Zone.

The first of those goals enables the development of merchandise that can become a permanent part of the final production, Estrada Fong said.

The Development Director of GESIME, Mario Eduardo Hernández Arbucias, argued that the development goals of the group are governed by the strategic projection of the organization until 2030, as well as the science program linked to the strategic sectors of the country.

These actions are associated with investments and the development of new products, with the contribution of science, research, design and innovation.

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