President Díaz-Canel Remembers Anti-imperialism of the Cuban National Hero

Presidente Díaz-Canel recalls anti imperialism of Cuban Natioal Heroe. Photo: Radio Rebelde.

Havana: President Miguel Díaz-Canel evoked today the Independence and anti-imperialist ideals of José Martí, on occasion of the 168 anniversary of the birthday of the Cuban National Heroe, Prensa Latina reports.

Through his Twitter account, the dignatary share Marti’s phrase ‘Reason and heart take us together. We cannot confuse nor frightened”

Díaz-Canel added that Cuban rebelliousness is inspired from Marti’s ideas, from whom he also evoke his brief, but extraordinary life”

José Martí was a notable patriot, outstanding politician, writer, teacher and journalist, author of texts with a revolutionary vision about the role of the American peoples in front of the increasing power of the United States

He worked in the North American country for the unity of the Cuban exile as organizer of the restart of the independence war, diplomat representative of Latinamerican nations and writers of several publications in the region until he return to Cuba

He was born a day like today and died in combat on May 19, 1985 in Dos Ríos (Oriente)

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