Batabanó Fishing Company Exceeded Exportable Production in January

Países europeos son los de mayor demanda.
European countries are the ones with the highest demand. Photo. Archive

Mayabeque, Cuba: Amid the economic and social reality that the country is experiencing, the Batabanó Industrial Fishing Company surpassed the exportable production, corresponding to the month of January, by 8.8 percent.

The industrial use was 78.9 percent, according to statements by the Director of the Business Unit of Industry Base, Ariel Mazorra Lezcano, who added: “58 tons of raw lobster, 3.8 of pre-cooked and three tons of tail, were sold to the Caribex Company”.

The productive diversity was present when processing 8 tons of croquettes and 1.5 tons of hamburgers, made with fish, destined for Acuabana, as well as points of sale and specialized fishmongers located in the main residential area of ​​Batabanó.

For social consumption, 265 kilograms of minced fish and 2.2 tons of whole fish were processed, depending on medical diets and the vulnerable population.

Motivated by the salary increase resulting from the Ordering Task, the workers of the Batabanó Industrial Fishing Company redouble their efforts to produce more food for the people and take extreme measures to avoid the appearance of positive cases to Coivid-19.

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Yuliet Casanova La Rosa

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