Education Minister Denies Rumors about the Resumption of School Year in Cuba

Ministra de Educación desmiente rumores sobre reanudación del curso escolar en Cuba.
Minister of Education denies rumors about the resumption of the school year in Cuba. Photo: Cubasí.

Havana: Cuban minister of education, Ena Elsa Velazquez, denied today rumors about the resumption of the school year in the country, and assured that it will be when the conditions for it do exist, which will be announced in due time, Cubasí reports.

Velazquez said that ill-intentioned people are trying to misinform the population, and with that intention they are spreading that the school year will be resumed on February 20; “We deny what has been said”, Cuban education minister affirmed.

The educational teaching process in Cuba has not been exempted from affectations and readjustments in its programs due to the epidemiological situation imposed by the COVID-19.

In spite of this, last December Dania Lopez Gulbone, Cuba’s deputy minister of education, assured that the 2019-2020 school year ended without transmission of the disease and in compliance with the corresponding hygienic-sanitary measures.

At present, students continue their preparation through the system of tele-classes transmitted by the Educational Channel and in the children’s daycare centers that remain open as a support to working mothers in essential sectors, the necessary care is applied to the maximum to avoid contagion.

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