This February 24 is the second anniversary of the proclamation of the new Magna Carta.

This February 24 is the second anniversary of the proclamation of a new Magna Carta. Photo: Radio Havana Cuba

Through its approval in 2019, we Cubans once again demonstrate our support for democratic rights through active participation at the polls. This new constitution represents a significant step forward in terms of structuring the entire political, economic and social life of the country.

Our land is full of history. For many, these long years of struggle for sovereignty and social justice have been full of conflicts, divergences, momentous decisions and glorious moments.

I would add that it is also full of coincidences. Although there would be no other date as important as February 24 for Cubans to approve their constitution, a unique and unprecedented fact since at that time it was 124 years since the uprising of our mambises for the restart of the struggles for independence in search of freedom and democracy.

Today, 126 years after such a significant date for the nation, we Cubans still remain faithful to our principles and traditions of struggle.

However, there is still a long way to go on the path of law and inclusion. Our new constitution, which has already been in force for two years, does not certify the long-awaited animal welfare law.

Our homeland is one for all. The one so longed for by our predecessors, the one that cost the magnanimous Bronze Titan and the great José Martí blood and life on the battlefields. Let’s reinstate mistakes to build a healthier space.

Let us honor our predecessors, those who started a just fight for the true freedom of Cuba, those who fought because in this land the rights of all citizens were respected equally, without distinction of race, ideology, religion or sex.

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Asary Posada Hernández

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