Call to VIII Festival of Peasant Traditions: Punto y Más Opens

VIII Festival of Peasant Traditions: Punto y Más Photo: Radio Camoa

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Provincial Directorate of Culture, the Casa de la Décima and the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in Mayabeque, summon to participate in the VIII Festival of Peasant Traditions: “Punto y Más”.

The contest will be held on May 16 and 17 of the current year online and this time will be dedicated to the 60th anniversary of ANAP, the 60th anniversary of UNEAC and the prominent poet from Güines, Francisco Riverón.

All boys, girls and adolescents (Cubans and foreigners) between 5 and 16 years old who cultivate manifestations of peasant traditions in music (tune, repentismo and group format), competition of traditions, as well as literature and plastic arts (written and illustrated decima).

They will be able to compete in the following modalities: repentismo (redondilla by theme from 5 to 9 years of age and pie forzado from 10 to 16 years; tunes, musical accompaniment (video where a theme is accompanied or an instrumental of peasant music is played), written decima and illustrated tenth.

All poets and researchers are also invited to take part in the peasant exhibitions by sending videos, audios, lectures and others. The jury will be made up of important personalities of the tradition.

On the first of May, the details of the competition and the festival program will be published on the Facebook page of the Provincial Directorate of Culture.

The cultural event has an annual character; it is the result of the project El punto and other peasant traditions: rescue and dissemination in the new province of Mayabeque.

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