National Center for Bio-preparations Receives National Vanguard Condition

Centro Nacional de Biopreparados recibe condición de Colectivo Vanguardia Nacional.
National Center for Bio-preparations receives the status of the National Vanguard Collective. Photo: Author.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The National Center for Bio-preparations is consolidated as one of the main institutions within the Cuban biopharmaceutical industry by constituting the productive outlet of important scientific-technical results.

This is supported by the result of innovative projects, including the production of 10 of the main biotechnology drugs that the country includes in the medical protocol to face Covid-19 and circumvent the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States.

Of these 8 are production chain results in which BIOCEN is in charge of the finished product, in addition to carrying out several of the quality control tests Heberon Alfa R 3M, Hebertrans, Curavidax, Jusvinza, Heberferon, Surfacen, Epicimy Vamengog .

These are some of the reasons why BIOCEN receives the status of National Vanguard Collective by contributing to the production of the vaccine candidates Soberana 01 and 02 amid the difficulties in acquiring resources and supplies at high costs and developing the reagents themselves and national media that support the needs of the country.

The director of the center, Dr. Tamara Lobaina, stressed that the workers are also involved in the production of drugs for export.

The maintenance manager at the Parentenales 3 Plant, Antonio Enríquez, specifies that BIOCEN is a research and production center, which is why they have a series of industrial equipment from different countries and the resurgence of the blockade affects the acquisition of parts spare parts, supplies and technologies.

In the context of the Day for May Day, the Juan Tomás Roig Distinction was awarded to workers with outstanding experience in the field of science and research at the National Center for Bio-preparations.

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