Banking System Strengthens Issuing of Credits to the Agricultural Sector in Madruga

Bank loans to agricultural workers.
Bank loans to agricultural workers. Photo. File

Mayabeque, Cuba: Banking in Madruga contributes to potential food production through the issuance of credits to the agricultural sector.

The service is part of the immediate measures of the country’s banking system that benefit producers and usufructuaries, as explained by the manager of that entity, Marlén Vidal Averof: “it is a very novel and economical way for that farmer today to develop their productions through bank credit, in addition, sign their contracts with the companies with which they are going to market their production, without the need to go through the productive forms”.

Among the guarantees in the acquisition of bank loans by the agricultural sector, to promote food production, Vidal Averof, added: “we as a bank can evaluate those producers with good economic results, there we would value the guarantee of those producers, for their record in the discipline of payment”.

“Another initiative that can be applied is the creation of a fund on behalf of the productive forms: Agricultural Production Cooperatives (CPA), Credit and Services Cooperatives (CCS) and Basic Units of Cooperative Production (UBPC), to support operations of its producers”.

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