Mayabeque Implements Measures to Increase Food Production

Measures to increase food production implemented in Mayabeque.
Measures to increase food production implemented in Mayabeque. Photo: Archive.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Priority measures will be implemented in Cuba to encourage food production.

They are aimed at solving a set of structural, organizational, productive and socio-economic problems that make it difficult to effectively fulfill the mission of the agricultural sector such as meat and milk production, credit and insurance, and the marketing of some products.

Through these measures, producers will also be able to clarify the amounts and financing required for a medium-term program, which takes into account the increase in the costs of productive inputs, prioritizing the production of corn, beans, rice and milk.

These in turn will be able to consolidate food production at the local level, including Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture and livestock modules, which ensure municipal self-sufficiency.

To promote the development of the mini-industry for the elaboration of products destined for the territories and to recover the state production in the whole pigs, by ensuring their food base from by-products of the sugar industry, cassava, protein plants, palm kernels, are other of the directives to benefit producers and the people in general.

The measures dictated by the State are also concerned with promoting a comprehensive program of drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, instruments and bio-products that support agricultural production, which will be possible by creating a network of veterinary pharmacies managed by the companies integrated to Labiofam.

Likewise, it is urged to create a mechanism that favors access to bioproducts by producers, and to redesign the activity of Science, Technology and Innovation in the sector at all levels, to strengthen integration with universities, research centers and the system of agrarian extensionism.

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