Education Authorities of Madruga Confirm Quality of Learning Process in Times of Covid-19

En Madruga constatan calidad de aprendizaje en tiempos de Covid-19. Foto: Archivo.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Teachers in the municipality of Madruga confirm the quality of learning at different educational levels in a school year appropriate to the requirements of the Covid-19.

The realization of evaluations related to the knowledge received by the students, through tele-classes is a pattern to analyze the progress of the teaching process.

According to the results of the first controls, more than 95 percent of the students overcame the objectives proposed in this stage in a differentiated way from those who have difficulties.

In the case of the local Comandante Octavio Hernández Domínguez pre-university, the study is promoted with the orientation of research work and practical exercises in the basic subjects of Mathematics, Spanish and History, through Social Networks.

According to the municipal director of education, Benicia Fundora Santana, the support of the family is important in the success of this stage that has become a challenge for the sector.

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Maria Amalia Pérez

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