Nachely, one of Those Who Brings Youth to Scientific Activity in Mayabeque

Nachely ya trabajó con la formulación de Trofín, producto líder de BioCen.
Nachely has already worked on the formulation of Trofín, BioCen's leading product. Photo: File

Mayabeque, Cuba: Nachely Esquivel Crespo is one of the many young people linked to science in our country and works as a researcher in the anti-anemic and nutraceutical laboratory of the research and development department of the National Center for Bio-preparations (BioCen).

“I joined BioCen in 2016 as part of my internship when I was still in college in my third and fourth years, I did my internship here and also my thesis in the same laboratory where I work today.”

Her responsibility allows her, despite her young age, to participate in important projects of the center, “we work specifically on two projects, one is anti-anemic with the Trophin formulation, the center’s leading formulation, and the other, where I even have greater participation is related to the Alzheimer’s disease”.

Nachely Esquivel Crespo is also linked to the production processes of medicines used in health protocols, to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In this time of pandemic we all had to direct our efforts towards that goal and in my particular case I was working with one of BioCen’s products, Biomodulin T, which was used to prevent the disease and we from the Research and Development laboratory In addition to conducting clinical trials, which were carried out by another group within my direction, we also worked on improving that product, seeing the requirements that needed to be met, so that the product could be applied in different groups, that’s what I was doing ”.

The awards of Cuban science have been possible to a great extent, to the contribution of young people who, like Nachely, dedicate themselves to the fulfillment of her work.

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