Puentes de Amor travels from US to Cuba with donations

Leader of the solidarity project Puentes de Amor, Carlos Lazo.
Leader of the solidarity project Puentes de Amor, Carlos Lazo.Photo.PL

Washington: The leader of the solidarity project Puentes de Amor, Carlos Lazo, announced today that he is traveling from the United States to Cuba with donations of medicines and other products necessary to face the Covid-19 pandemic in the Caribbean nation, Prensa Latina reported.

In a video posted on his Facebook profile, the activist shows the preparations to transfer to the largest of the Antilles medicines, masks, food, sweets for children and even a wheelchair, articles collected thanks to the solidarity of residents in the northern country.

As explained by the Cuban-American professor, he would arrive in Havana this Thursday to deliver the shipment that will help Cuban families in the midst of the health and economic crisis aggravated by the Washington blockade.

In addition, he announced the existence of a project called Puentes de Amor Barrio Adentro, an initiative also dedicated to gathering supplies to help those most in need in Cuba.

Lazo and other activists carried out in July a two thousand kilometer walk from Miami, Florida, to the US capital and there they delivered to the State Department a petition to President Joe Biden to lift the sanctions on Cuba backed by more than 27 thousand firms.

Solidarity actions like this arise while the northern nation takes advantage of the difficult economic situation in Cuba caused by the blockade and the health situation to promote a destabilization campaign, the Cuban authorities denounce.

In recent weeks, the Antillean country has received dozens of tons of humanitarian aid from friendly states, such as Russia, Mexico and Bolivia.

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