Mayabeque Scientists Participated in a Study on Age-related Cognitive Deterioration

Mayabeque, Cuba: Scientists from the National Center for Bio-preparations, located in Mayabeque, and the Clinical Surgical Teaching Hospital Salvador Allende, in Havana, participate in a study in female mice to understand age-related cognitive impairment, based on the evaluation of behavioral, pathological and biochemical markers.

Electroenergetic Renovation Advances in National Center for Bio-preparations

Mayabeque, Cuba: The National Center for Bio-preparations (BioCen) is immersed in the renovation of its electro-energy system, to guarantee greater reliability in its production process, which currently includes obtaining important drugs against COVID-19, the Agency Cuban News reports.

Biocen Receives Carlos J. Finlay Award for Technological Innovation

Mayabeque, Cuba: The group of workers of the National Center for Bio-preparations, Biocen, located in Mayabeque, deserved the Carlos Juan Finlay Order, the highest distinction granted by the Cuban State to nationals and foreigners for their contributions to the development of science for the benefit of the humanity.

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