Havana, Cuba_ Zhang Tuo, China's ambassador in Havana, highlighted the excellent relations between the communist parties of Cuba and China, in occasion of the 95 anniversary of the creation of the Chinese party organization, Juventud Rebelde publishes.

Havana_ The 7th International Congress for Special Education and Pedagogy concluded this Thursday, with the participation of more than 200 educators and researchers from 14 countries, Granma Newspaper publishes.ts and will for a better education.

La Paz_ Bolivia exhibits the lowest unemployment rate in South America with a 3.5 percent, thanks to the development plans promoted for a decade by Evo Morales’ government, Radio Reloj publishes.

Brasilia_ The last witnesses of the defense will appear today in the impeachment process followed by the Committee of the Senate against suspended Brazilian president Dilma Roussef , Radio Habana Cuba reports.

Mayabeque Cuba_ Mayabeque 's team ranked second in the National Table Tennis Tournament, for youth in both sexes, held during five days at Guines’ Latin American Social Club.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ The municipalities of Bejucal and Madruga stand out in the province for the work of young farmers. Both territories contribute to the crop’s programs of grain, vegetables, spices and fruits, as well as training the new generations and encourage the love for the countryside.

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Mayabeque’s Business Unit Base of Taxis pays a transportation service to about 130 patients afflicted with chronic renal failure in this province.

Havana, Cuba_ Two looks at the situation of the current Cuban education are given by events taking place until tomorrow at Havana’s Convention Palace, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.

Brasilia_ The impeachment procedural commission against suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff holds today the penultimate day ahead to hear statements of witnesses summoned by the defense, the digital site of Radio Reloj publishes.