Havana_ Cuban President Raúl Castro Ruz received members of the island's delegation who attended the 8th Summit of the Americas and its parallel forums, and recognized the strong position they maintained in defense of the Revolution, Granma newspaper publishes. 

Washington_ The US Congress condemned the attacks and bombings authorized by President Donald Trump against three cities in Syria, in response to the alleged chemical weapons attack on Saturday in the Syrian city of Duma, the Granma newspaper reported.  

Damascus_ The Sana News Agency denied today that an external aggression against Syria by Israel had occurred last night, Prensa Latina reports. 

All Cuba remembers today the 57th anniversary of the proclamation of the Socialist character of the Revolution. Precisely this day but the year 1961 Fidel spoke to the people gathered in the central corner of 23 and 12 in the capital’s Vedado.  

At the funeral of the victims of the terrorist attack against the French steam La Coubre, the decision of Homeland or Death was born! Even the imperial files have not declassified the participation of their secret services on the criminal action, but at least it is known that twelve days after that demonstration of mourning and commitment at the corner of 12 and 23 in El Vedado, the American president Dwight David Eisenhower approved a program of covert actions against Cuba.   

Mayabeque, Cuba_ Marco Ginebra Brito, a student of Clodomira Acosta elementary school in Güines, took the first position in the friendly chess tournament.  

Havana_ As it is traditional, Cuban workers will commemorate this year the Victory of Playa Girón, as part of the main activities of the program for the celebration of May 1st, World Proletariat Day, Radio Reloj publishes.  

Ciénaga de Zapata, Cuba_ Several economic and social projects in Ciénaga de Zapata, in the province of Matanzas receive a necessary impulse on the occasion of the 57th anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón, Radio Reloj publishes.  

Moscow_ The Duma (lower house) is analyzing today a package of responses to US sanctions against this country, under arguments such as the alleged Russian involvement in the case of the double agent Serguei Skripal and Moscow's support for Syria, Prensa Latina reports.