Gender violence has an important incidence in our society, even in its most severe manifestations such as murder.

No one expected the good news. Even in the workers' congress, the issue was overlooked. But the announcement, on the afternoon of June 27, of the salary increase to the budgeted sector and of pensions generated an atmosphere of optimism in the working people.

The collection of finances to be used in works of social benefit and programs such as health and education are the main function of the workers of the National Office of Tax Administration (ONAT), who celebrate their day this July 14.

Studies carried out by experts in San José de las Lajas, the capital of Mayabeque, show that every time there are more the women and men over 60 years of age and less those who are born, therefore this age group becomes the most abundant and which demands more attention.

The city is our home and we have the responsibility to take care and preserve it. However, many times we are not consistent with this truth, and we only worry about the part that touches us closely.

In the 47862373, although it seems strange, a kind voice greets and answers my question. It is the telephone number of the bus station, located in San José de las Lajas. The bus will go out in time. I breath slowly. At the appointed time appears the Diana, neither Roman goddess, nor hunter, just a small apple-green color bus that broke the curse of public transport in Mayabeque and showed that it is possible to recover the seriousness of a service for which nobody bet.

Noise is considered today as one of the main sources of environmental pollution and a global health problem. It is called in some contexts the invisible agent because its intangibility even leads to sometimes fail to establish a causal relationship between the discomfort felt in a certain place and the exposure to sounds of high decibels.

It was 10 o'clock in the morning of Saturday when I came to visit a friend's house, who was doing the housework while her 16-year-old daughter was lying in bed, enjoying the novels that she had just copied in her pen drive .

On March 5, 2013, the world learned the sad news of the death of Hugo Chávez. All already knew of his painful illness, but those are news we never want to hear. For the Cuban people, the Bolivarian leader represented brotherhood, solidarity, cooperation and unconditional support.