May Day

Havana, Cuba_ This year’s May Day march in the Cuban capital will be led by 50,000 youths who will march “For Fidel, for Raúl, for the historic leadership of the Revolution, and for the youths that gave their lives during the process, for our combatants and for the history of Cuba”, Granma newspaper publishes.

Havana, Cuba__All structures of the trade union movement in Cuba give the final touches to the organizational details of the massive mobilization, with which the nation will celebrate the International Workers day, with the banner of unity and efficiency for the Socialism, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.

Cuba__ The activities that began with the reading of the call to participate in this year’s International Workers day celebrations, will demonstrate the majority commitment of our people to the Revolution, stated Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, a member of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party and secretary general of the Cuban Workers Union (CTC), during a press conference in Havana.

Havana, Cuba_ Cuban workers demanded an end to the blockade that the United States has imposed on their country for more than half a century, during the festivities on International Workers' Day on Sunday, Prensa Latina reports.

Cuba_ Esteban Lazo Hernandez, Member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and president of the National Assembly of People's Power, , presides over today the parade for May Day, International Workers' Day in Santiago de Cuba, the digital site the Cuban News Agency publishes.

Havana, Cuba_ The XI Contingent of the May Day International Solidarity Brigade is overjoyed at the tribune of the Revolution Square in Havana, where they are special guests to the party of the Cuban workers, Radio Reloj publishes.