La Barreta es un instrumento de la agricultura y la construcción

The bar is an instrument used in agriculture and other activities such as construction, but in Madruga, Mayabeque municipality, it also gives name to a popular legend.

Older people say that in the most hidden corners of the forest, in the Cayajabos valley, a farmer found a crowbar next to a tree and took it home. Since then the man began to live events and unusual phenomena.

Apparitions, strange noises, voices that tormented him day and night and which stopped only when the tool disappeared from the house, as if by magic it returned to the woodlands.

The legend, passed from generation to generation, refers that other farmers in the area that have found and taken the crowbar and took Jimm also suffered from paranormal events.

The news spread over and no one else wanted to grab the crowbar when it appears by chance in the way of any peasant.

One day a young man faced the dangers and resolutely took the crowbar and showed it to everybody proudly saying he was able to defeat it.

As they went on, the boy went mad and wandered from house to house talking only of the legendary instrument.

Elders say that Jimmy the crowbar disappeared although it is out there, somewhere in the valley, that they even feel at night the noise of its noise hitting on the stones, but that someone have never dared to take it again.

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