Russia exceeds 700 thousand positive cases of Covid-19.

Moscow: Russia today registered 700 thousand 792 positive cases of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic, to thus rank fourth in the world in this parameter, indicated television from the capital, Prensa Latina publishes.

In the last 24 hours, six thousand 562 infected were detected, a figure that remains below seven thousand for 13 consecutive days, in a confirmation of the positive trend that allowed Russia to eliminate most of the measures of confinement, the local press said.

A total of 10,667 patients left the hospitals in one day, for a cumulative 472,511 medical discharges, which brings the national recovery coefficient to more than 67.4 percent, indicated the staff operating to combat Covid-19.

Likewise, in one day 173 people died and the total number was 10,667, for a fatality of 1.52 percent. Of the cases registered in 84 of the 85 Russian regions, 1,817 of them, that is, 27.6 percent were asymptomatic.

In this capital 28 deaths are reported, in Saint Petersburg 47 and with nine lethal cases is the province of Arjanguelsk and the Krasnoyarsk region and with six the Tiva republic and the Irkutsk province.

Similarly, one thousand 195 patients overcame the disease in one day in this city, which already accumulates 159 thousand 293. Thus, medical discharges almost doubled the new cases, when 621 were detected, for a total of 225 thousand 430. With this, the recovery rate here reached 70.66 points.

Also 457 patients left Hospitals in Nizhegorod province, 363 in Voronezh province, 359 in Moscow province, and 315 in Rostov province.

Despite the high number of cases, the daily increase was 0.9 percent nationwide and 0.3 in this city.

Covid-19 added 295 contaminated in Saint Petersburg, 268 in the autonomous district of Janti-Mansisk, 263 in the province of Sverdlov and 240 in that of Irkutsk.

On the other hand, the national coefficient of transmissibility (the average number of people that a patient can infect before being isolated) was 0.99, while in this capital it reached 0.96. St. Petersburg passed the unit, averaging 1.7.

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