Russia faces post-Covid-19 dilemma.

Moscow: Although Russia ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of cases affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, today it presents optimistic symptoms in the development of a vaccine, while trying to open up to the outside world, Prensa Latina publishes.

In this week, the number of infected people exceeded the psychological limit of 800 thousand, which only the United States, Brazil and India reached for now, but, unlike those nations, this did not mean a substantial increase in deaths here, although it has already exceeded 13 thousand.

The task of bringing together the country’s scientific efforts to develop a vaccine allowed that of the 47 prototypes produced on 14 scientific platforms, one could be counted at least, which has already completed two first phases of clinical tests on military volunteers.

The Defense Ministry announced that the first Russian vaccine is ready, referring to the immunizing substance made by the scientific center N.I. Gamalei, in conjunction with the 48th research institute of the aforementioned agency.

Some specialists point out that to complete everything related to the examination phase of the aforementioned vaccine it will be necessary to test it in third nations such as Saudi Arabia or Brazil, although the Ministry of Health estimated that it could register it in August to come.

But the mere existence of positive results with its own vaccine prototype makes Russia a target of a new type of attack from the West, which seems to demonstrate its fear of being left behind in the world race to find the right vaccine first.

Unlike the United States or laboratories in France, where the substance is still to be developed or preclinical tests are to be completed, Russia already announces that it is going, in any case, to the third and last of its human tests, while threatening to start the production in September.

The United Kingdom, where the situation improved a little, but the death toll exceeds 40,000, is advancing in a vaccine from the Oxford institute that Russia announced it would be willing to produce jointly in this nation, for which it is carrying out the necessary negotiations.

However, in line with the new position of the West to attack Russia, in both London and Washington, attempts to present Russia and China as copiers or looters of scientific studies from other Western nations take off.

The reality is that the studies in Russia began last January, even when they did not even have the first real samples of Covid-19, since they managed to map the DNA of the virus artificially, says television from the capital.

At the time, US President Donald Trump was completely engrossed in his election campaign, rejecting advice to prepare for the pandemic, and had not even given him time to hold Beijing accountable for his country’s future calamities.

Now, when it is evident that Russia is moving faster in the search for that preparation, everything seems to be taken to politics.

Local observers, cited by the RIA Novosti agency, consider that multibillion-dollar investments by US pharmaceutical companies in their research institutes and in Europe are at stake.

Therefore, in a health or perhaps economic matter, the search for the immunizing medium against Covid-19 seems to become the subject of the aggression that the United States and the European Union launch against Russia and China.

On the other hand, the existence of the real possibility of having a vaccine by September seems to be optimistic for the Russian authorities, who announced international flights as of August 1.

After having rescued more than 200,000 Russian citizens stranded in dozens of countries since last March, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that this opening will facilitate the return of nationals to this country.

In any case, observers consider that Moscow should strike a fair balance between the urge to open up to the world and the need to consolidate its incipient victory against Covid-19.

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