Pilar Varona Estrada, vice minister of the Cuban Ministry of Justice

Havana, Cuba: The Cuban Ministry of Justice (Minjus) guaranteed most of its services during the fight against Covid-19, said Vice Minister of Industry Pilar Varona Estrada today, Prensa Latina publishes.

Varona Estrada pointed out that during the most complex months of the pandemic on the Island, the Minjus carried out different actions to guarantee services such as birth and death registration, as well as procedures for pensioners.

Similarly, the payment of the compensation box was maintained, as well as the request for a criminal record by the authorities and emergency notary services, the deputy minister said.

She added that other services were related to processes for foreign investment, a fundamental activity for the nation’s economic development.

Likewise, she highlighted the continuity during this period of the simplification of procedures begun in 2018, which seeks to streamline processes and avoid the transfer of unnecessary burdens to the population.

Varona Estrada added that work will gradually be incorporated into the specialized legal services firms related to obtaining and legalizing teaching documents, registration documents, immigration procedures, among others, facing abroad.

Currently, the official of the Minjus said, the ministry works on the decentralization of services.

The vice minister added that the legislative agenda was not stopped and that the Minjus is in charge of preparing five laws and a decree-law.

In this sense she mentioned the codes of families and contraventions, as well as the laws of associations; state notaries; of civil status and the decree-law on the protection of personal data.

Regarding computerization, the vice minister said that this process played a strategic role during the most complex stage of confronting the pandemic.

She cited as an example the Cuban platform Bienestar that is used to obtain the registration of civil status, and is implemented experimentally in the western province of Mayabeque.

Lastly, Pilar Varona highlighted the preparation of workers in the sector to assume the new management modalities in the implementation of legislation that requires the economic strategy approved by the country.

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