President of the United States Donald Trump.

United States: President Donald Trump on Thursday raised the idea of ​​delaying elections in the United States (US) on November 3, an idea immediately rejected by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, the only branch of the state with the constitutional authority to make such a change, Cubadebate publishes.

Critics and even Trump allies dismissed the idea, which they called a non-serious attempt to distract the devastating economic news, but some legal experts warned that its repeated attacks could undermine the faith of its supporters in the electoral process.

Trump’s words on Twitter became known when the United States suffered a multiple and unique crisis in a generation: a coronavirus pandemic that has claimed more than 150,000 lives, a recession caused by the disease and national protests against police violence and racism.

On Thursday morning, the government reported the worst economic contraction in the United States since the Great Depression: a 32.9% slump in the second quarter.

Trump, who according to polls will be defeated by Democrat Joe Biden in November, said he is suspicious of the results of an election that includes a widespread vote by mail. Without evidence, he claimed that the increase in the vote by mail could be fraught with fraud.

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