Fidel Left His Eternal Mark in Güines

Never was so much emotion felt in the Central Park of Güines, the reason demanded it, Fidel came to crown a feat, which pride for Güines, would remain engraved in the history of the Cuban sugar harvests.

Julio Antonio Mella brigade became the first millionaire in the country.
On the same date, two brigades from Matanzas, the Lázaro Acosta and the Orlando Suárez, also completed the impressive figure.

All Güines got together, applauded each record that his voice made public, and Fidel’s name was repeated to delirium.

The tremendous stubbornness in the cane fields of the fertile region goes beyond a name, because there are many stories together recognized this March 3, 1965 by a leader who knows about feats.

They reached the first million, the result of a coordinated, collective effort, enthusiasm, discipline at work, and the spirit of colleagues, said Fidel. And he spoke of the extraordinary merit of those jealous of the mocha, of their high commitment to reach the second million.

That is why he came to deliver the banner of honor, years later a plaque was raised in the Central Park to perpetuate the history of the MillionaireMovement in the sugar harvest, born in these lands of Mayabeque. But nothing is comparable to his living presence, because that day Fidel left his eternal mark on Güines.

Nivia Palenzuela Páez

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque

Por Nivia Palenzuela Páez

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque

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