Authorities of Mayabeque visit entities near the north coast.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Given the proximity of Tropical Storm Eta to the north coast of the west of the country, the president of the Provincial Defense Council, Yanina de la Nuez Aclich and the vice president of this body, Tamara Valido Benítez, visited in hours of the late Sunday night, entities from the sectors of Public Health, tourism and El Machete community in Santa Cruz del Norte.

At the Alberto Fernández Polyclinic, they showed interest in the measures implemented in the institution to protect the 19 admitted patients and the preparation of the territory’s health system, to face possible damage from the meteorological event.

During the visit to the gynecology and obstetrics ward, they exchanged with full-term pregnant women, among whom was Daily Yanes Audia, who said: “I entered yesterday because I live in an area with difficult access, here I feel safe and I will stay until everything returns to normality”.

The highest authorities of Mayabeque, accompanied by members of the Municipal Defense Council, visited the neighborhood El Machete, prone to coastal flooding, due to its proximity to the sea, where 168 people have so far been evacuated.

“It is important that they take the necessary measures to protect their lives, belongings and evacuees must carry their sanitary masks and hydro-alcoholic substances with them, to prevent the spread of COVID-19”, the First Secretary of the Party in the province said.

Villa Trópico and Memories Jibacoa Hotels were also visited. In the first, all customers were evacuated and measures were adopted to protect the furniture, cars and other resources of the facility.

At the Memories Jibacoa Hotel, the delegation exchanged with Yusley Sánchez Enríquez, deputy director general of the entity, about the measures adopted to protect the 83 clients, mostly from the European continent.

The highest authorities also visited Los Cocos popular camping base, there they spoke with Yuarmán Domínguez López, director of the Mayabeque Camping Company, who said that more than 700 campers from the territory, Havana and Matanzas, who were enjoying installation were evacuated.

“The workers of each camping were given the task of moving all the goods and resources of the camping bases to safe places”, Domínguez López claimed.

Yanina de la Nuez Aclich, president of the Provincial Defense Council and Tamara Valido Benítez vice president of the same, insisted throughout the journey not to trust and stay informed of the evolution and trajectory of Tropical Storm Eta.

Quering Rodríguez

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