Massive ovation for the return of Evo Morales to Bolivia.

Bolivia: Thousands of people gave an ovation to former Bolivian President Evo Morales, in Chimoré, in the center of the country, Radio Reloj reports.

“In a year I never felt abandoned”, Morales said in that town in the Tropic of Cochabamba, referring to his year outside of Bolivia.

The former president once again accused the United States of provoking the coup against him, evoking Washington’s interest in Bolivian lithium.

With this act, the indigenous leader closed a caravan that crossed 1,200 kilometers of roads built mostly during his mandate. Thousands of peasants or miners, almost all indigenous, waited for him for hours in the different territories through which the procession passed.

It was precisely from the Tropic of Cochabamba, a year ago, that he left Bolivia, after resigning the presidency in the middle of a coup.

In an increasingly critical context due to the pandemic, Bolivians are asking for economic improvements after the damages in this regard from the de facto government.

Under Morales government, with now President Luis Arce as Minister of the Economy, there was historic growth and a reduction in poverty from 60 percent to 37 percent.

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