Mayabeque, Cuba: The Center for the Reproduction of Entomophages and Entomopathogens (CREE), in Batabanó, allocates one hundred percent of its productions to the cold season.

With the launch of a new line of Tabaquina, the group of specialists of the entity multiplies the varieties of biological media to ensure the healthy development of crops such as potatoes, beans and tomatoes.

Guaranteeing a production for 1,320 hectares is CREE’s commitment in the coming months.

According to the director of the center, the agronomist Jorge Hernández, 2020 has been a year with great demands for the agricultural sector.

Bio pesticides are the priority for this stage, the director added, referring to Tricordema, Metarrizo, Anisopliae, among others.

Today the Entomophagous and Entomopathogenic Reproductive Center of Batabanó registers a production of 18.5 tons of biological media and is committed to exceeding the 25 tons planned for this year.

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