Covid-19 causes international air connectivity crisis.

Covid-19 removed the classification of the most connected cities in the world in 2020, in relation to the previous year, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported today.

According to Prensa Latina, London, the most connected city in the world in September 2019, experienced a 67 percent decrease in this parameter, which places it in number eight in the same month of the current year.

The research revealed that cities with a large number of national connections now dominate, reflecting the extent to which international connectivity has been closed.

Agency statistics show that the damages of the pandemic to air connectivity by region are: Africa suffered a decrease of 93 percent; Asia-Pacific, from 76; Europe, 93 and the Middle East, 88 percentage points.

Meanwhile, in North America it fell 73 percent and Latin America suffered a 91 percent collapse.

It stressed that air transport is an important engine of the world economy, since in normal times it supports some 88 million jobs and taxes 3.5 trillion dollars to the gross domestic product.

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