Born with the name of Angela Dorothea Kasner, is a German physicist and politician who has been the chancellor of her country since 2005.
In 2016 she was considered by the magazine Forbes like the most powerful woman of the world by tenth occasion according to the annual list of the publication.

Merkel has been president of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany since 2000, while also serving as deputy of the Bundestag, lower house of the German parliament, where she represents a group of districts including West Pomerania and Rügen, as well as the town of Greifswald .

From the beginning her government has focused on maintaining German productivity and continuing its economic and political strengthening in the European continent, with a notable rapprochement with Russia and a clear predominance over the European Union.

Merkel has chaired the G8 and was also the President of the European Council, being the second woman in history to hold both positions, only preceded in that merit by the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher.
In domestic matters she carried out a Health System Reform in Germany and focused on the energy development of her country, defending the use of nuclear energy, as well as promoting programs for the fortification of alternative energy sources in the German country.

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