Parliament of Cuba will meet in December virtually.

Cuba: The National Assembly of the People’s Power of Cuba (Parliament) will hold its sixth regular session in its IX Legislature, on December 16 virtually, local media reported today.

The day before, the president of that State body made the call for the parliamentary meeting, which will be held in the same way as the previous meeting, by videoconference with the deputies in each of the provinces and the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud. At the Conference Palace in the capital, the legislators of Havana and those who reside in the city and represent other territories will meet.

Although the agenda of the ordinary session must be specified, the most recent Council of Ministers approved two bills for presentation in December to the deputies.

The proposals for legal norms are related to the organization and operation of the Provincial Government of People’s Power and the Council of Municipal Administration, the site of the Presidency specifies.

The first regulates the powers of the governor, the vice-governor, and the Provincial Council, and specifies essential issues for the proper performance of these structures, such as the requirements and procedures for election, replacement, revocation or resignation.

In the case of the second, it is framed in the current context of development of the Economic and Social Strategy, which promotes local self-management and considers the municipality as a fundamental entity for development.

Its content details issues of structure, organization, attributions and operation of the Municipal Administration Council, and the powers of the mayor, the vice-mayor and the secretary.

Despite the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, Cuba continued its intense legislative schedule during 2020, with the approval of four laws and 14 decree laws.

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