Havana:  Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Monday described Donald Trump’s legacy as disgraceful, in regard to his policy on Cuba, the Portal of the Cuban Radio publishes .

On Twitter, the Cuban president described the more than 200 sanctions to tighten the financial, commercial and economic US blockade as a ‘despicable and inhuman policy.’

“Cuba continues and will continue to stand firm”, the president tweeted.

During Trump’s four-year term, actions to stifle Cuba’s economy have not stopped, expressed in financial persecution and fuel supply, as well as the implementation of unilateral coercive sanctions, local authorities condemned.

As part of these goals, Washington gave the green light to Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which allows lawsuits against Cuban and third-country companies with business in former legally nationalized US properties.

The travel ban of US citizens to Cuba, the suspension of US charter flights and of commercial flights to airports other than the Jose Marti international airport; drawbacks to sending family remittances and threats to States being aided by the Cuban medical brigades are among the attacks.

At the end of Donald Trump’s term, his government once again included Cuba in the list of States that sponsor terror, which has been widely rejected internationally.

Cuba is a victim and not a sponsor of terrorism, affirm individual voices such as that of the American writer Margaret Randall, or collectives such as those of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Puebla Group.

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