Asociación Internacional del Transporte Aéreo crea pasaporte sanitario para cruce de fronteras.

Montreal: The International Air Transport Association (IATA by its English initials) announced today that it will implement a so-called health passport to facilitate border crossing and “to contribute to the final reopening of the flight market”, Prensa Latina reports.

The initiative will be implemented as of March with the official name of IATA Travel Pass and is an app for mobile devices in which passengers can store and administer the Covid-19 test certificates or those of the vaccine against this disease.

It will also allow health care providers to safely upload the results of tests and vaccination certificates on the users’ account and link those documents to a traveler’s identity to prevent misuse.

That information will be shown to airlines and at airports to facilitate trips and border crossing, IATA added when mentioning the advantages of the health passport.

The app will start to be operational on Apple iOS in the first quarter of 2021 and on Android in the second one, and it will be free of charge for users, but airlines will pay a small fee per passenger.

The project is working on a registration of entry requirements and another of laboratories, test and vaccination centers, a means for passengers to safely upload test and vaccination certificates on their phones and a digital identity to check the certificate owner.

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