“Para la Patria nos levantamos; es un crimen levantarse sobre ella.”

Havana: Cuba’s Ministry of Culture (MINCULT) on Wednesday ratified its willingness to dialogue with honest creators while reiterating its refusal to accept provocations or to talk with mercenaries.

According to a press release quoted by Prensa Latina news agency, the Ministry emphasized the issue after an incident on Wednesday morning in front of its headquarters.

According to the statement, MINCULT officials were scheduled to meet with three spokespersons of a small group of people ‘who have been characterized by their provocative attitude and their relationship with media paid by US federal agencies.’

However, when the meeting was planned, about thirty people gathered in front of the building, so they were asked to leave the place due to the risk of the Covid-19 pandemic, which they refused to do.

Those protesters, according to the text, requested clarification of the situation of some citizens who, according to them, had been detained in different parts of Havana.

To wait for that information, they were invited to go inside the Ministry on several occasions, where they could also talk about issues of mutual interest, to which they rejected again to do, the press release notes.

‘During the more than two hours that those incidents lasted on Wednesday morning, the media paid by the US government were commenting live on what was happening, reinforcing the provocative matrix of the counterrevolutionary people,’ the MINCULT points out.

Given the repeated refusals to maintain an exchange under favorable conditions and ‘the evident intention to stage a media show,’ the Ministry’s workers evicted the people from the place.

The institution ratified in its statement its willingness to dialogue with honest creators on any issue related to the cultural policy of the Cuban Revolution, but reiterated that it will not accept provocations and will not talk with those who receive money for their activities, it concluded.

Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

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