Parlamento de Cuba chequea implementación de la Tarea Ordenamiento.

Cuba: The Permanent Labor Commission (CPT) for Economic Affairs, of the National Assembly of Cuba, develops actions throughout the country to check the implementation of the Ordering Task, Cubasí reports.

At the direction of the president of that legislative body, Esteban Lazo Hernández, since the end of November 2020 the deputies began the monitoring with a survey of opinions from the population.

According to the official site of the Cuban Parliament, in December several CPTs checked the retail prices in 104 units in 58 municipalities.

As a result of the exchange with some 600 people, the parliamentarians identified as the main problems the high costs of food such as pork and other agricultural products, mainly in the non-state sector.

The frequent alteration of regulated prices, the lack of supply of agricultural products and the non-coincidence of the amounts of the tablets with the value charged were other difficulties detected.

After the implementation of the Ordering Task, on January 1, the members of the Economic Affairs Committee raised concerns related to the prices of the Family Attention System, workers’ dining rooms, urban and suburban transport.

Likewise, the control actions revealed inconsistencies in the sanitation of sewage pits, the late definition of the amount of construction materials and the quality of the bread.

The CPT for Economic Affairs channels all concerns with the government authorities and the administration of the territories where they operate, the note indicates.

In addition, the main problems observed are sent to the Ministers of Finance and Prices, and of Labor and Social Security, for their evaluation and corresponding attention, ensures the direction of this working group.

For this year, the commission contemplates two actions to control the State Budget, the monitoring of the accountability of the government of the province of Sancti Spíritus, and the supervision of the agreements of the National Assembly related to the program for the inspection to the Ministry of Construction.

The Cuban Parliament informs that also, in monthly meetings, they will monitor the monetary and exchange unification, the transformation of people’s incomes (wages, pensions and social assistance benefits) and the system of subsidies and gratuities.

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