Havana, Cuba: National media denied false news about an alleged collapse in hospitals in Santiago de Cuba, due to Covid-19, spread by people paid by organizations based in the United States, Prensa Latina publishes.

Cuban television showed images of the Ambrosio Grillo and Juan Bruno Zayas welfare centers, dedicated to treating positive patients in the eastern city, who showed adequate conditions for their functions.

The report denounced the lies transmitted to foreign channels by José Daniel Ferrer, a Cuban citizen who has served sanctions for robbery with violence and serious injuries, and who has a history of false news known by the public opinion of the Caribbean nation.

He long ago was seen in a video attacking himself, while trying to blame an officer of the Ministry of the Interior.

The purpose of this information is to create negative opinions at the international level about Cuba, to justify the coercive measures against the largest of the Antilles, they pointed out in the television segment.

Ferrer heads the so-called Patriotic Union of Cuba, dedicated to subversion, and which, according to his own words, receives funding from the Cuban American National Foundation, an organization based in Miami and a long history of terrorist actions against the Caribbean nation.

He also applauds the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on the island for almost six decades, and which the Cuban authorities point to as the main obstacle to its development, including the acquisition of medicines, medical equipment and devices.

Television also showed a video of Ferrer supporting the inclusion of Cuba in the unilateral list of nations that supposedly sponsor terrorism, drawn up by the US State Department.

He also spoke of his solidarity with Tania Bruguera, an Arts graduate who maintains ties with organizations funded by the US government.

The day before, television also presented evidence of those ties and of the political provocations of which Bruguera is a part, and which she tries to disguise as art.

Among them are marking banknotes and being one of the promoters of the so-called 27N Action Group, which with North American financing promotes political actions of destabilization.

In recent days, the Caribbean nation has repeatedly denounced the application of the soft coup script against the country, which includes the training by the United States of public figures prepared for subversive purposes and the dissemination of negative content.

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