Inmunizarán a todos los cerdos de Cuba contra la peste porcina clásica.

Havana: By the end of this year it is expected to achieve the production of the necessary doses of the Porvac vaccine to immunize the entire Cuban swine mass against classical swine fever and begin exports of the drug, Radio Rebelde.

PhD Mario Pablo Estrada García, director of Agricultural Research at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), said that the medicine, produced by the scientific institution’s headquarters in Camagüey province, fights classical swine fever (CSF), the main threat to pigs in the territory, and commented that to date approximately 15 percent of those animals have been vaccinated in the nation.

Inoculation has been possible in the genetic centers, multipliers and healthy lung donors, said the researcher, who added that the drug is also being registered, in its final phase, in Vietnam and South Korea, and there is also a lot of interest in the product in Japan and China.

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