Regresa a África la fiebre del Ébola.

Africa: West Africa again faces an epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever, with seven cases, three of them fatal, announced this Sunday in southeastern Guinea, where the worst epidemic in the history of the virus had begun (2013-2016), Cubasí reports.

Conakry and the World Health Organization feel better equipped than five years ago, thanks mainly to the progress of vaccination to deal with this viral disease, which first appeared in 1976 in the current Democratic Republic of Congo, where it still persists.

In Guinea’s neighbor Liberia, where no case has been detected, President George Weah immediately ordered to strengthen surveillance and sensitize the population, especially at the borders.

The seven new cases (three deaths), arose in the jungle region of Guinea, near Liberia. Tests carried out in Conakry confirmed Sunday that it is Ebola.

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