Científicos y ganaderos de Mayabeque contribuyen a la seguridad alimentaria del país.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Researchers from the Institute of Animal Science transfer knowledge, technologies, and products that contribute to the production of food, milk, meat, and eggs, and to the Island’s food security, to cattle breeders in the province and the country.

The director of the scientific center, José Andrés Díaz Untoria, asserted that to guarantee this feedback, specialists work in various lines of research.

The introduction, obtaining and evaluation of pasture and forages are among them, as well as the obtaining and characterization of foods and additives. The nutrition and management of ruminant and mono-gastric animals is another of the topics addressed. The development of sustainable milk, meat and egg production systems is among the thematic axes studied by these scientists.

These men and women of science adapt the technologies to the conditions of each area to make it as feasible as possible and accompany the producers in the introduction of technology in the different production scenarios.

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