Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitri Peskov

Moscow: Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov warned today that the absence of an answer to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to hold an open dialogue with his US counterpart Joseph Biden can be considered a refusal.

“A request was made, either there is a response or there is no response. The lack of response is, in general, a rejection of that communication”, the head of press of the Russian Presidency in statements to journalists.

The White House has not yet accepted the proposal to organize a live dialogue, via the Internet, between the presidents of Russia and the United States.

His spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said that Biden will be on a business trip to Georgia this Friday and therefore it is unlikely that dialogue with Putin can be arranged for this day.

Peskov clarified that this means that the conversation cannot be today, but that it can still happen on Monday, which was the other time suggested by President Putin. He added that it can be any time convenient for the president of the United States.

Commenting on the terms of the open dialogue, whether it will be a live broadcast and journalists will be able to observe the course of the conversation, the presidential press secretary replied that “there are no details yet”.

He confirmed that until now, they do not even know the decision of the Americans, regarding the invitation of the Russian president, which, he assured, is processed through the established diplomatic channels.

During the exchange with journalists, the Kremlin spokesman declined to comment on comments related to the possibility of a new cold war with the United States.

“Observers and experts make a living from such forecasts,” he said, while stressing that Russia always trusts the best but is always prepared for the worst.

Peskov reiterated the wishes of the Russian Presidency to continue relations between the two countries despite everything, because in this is the interest of the whole world.

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