Cuba remembers the first parade in support of the Revolution.

Cuba: The hundreds of thousands of people in front of the old Presidential Palace remain in the memory of Cuba today, when it celebrates the 62nd anniversary of the first parade in support of the laws of the nascent Revolution, Prensa Latina reports.

At the beginning of 1959, the process led by Fidel Castro took the necessary measures for the political sovereignty, democracy and social justice of the triumphant project on January 1 of that year.

According to official sources, among the first provisions was the dissolution of the Congress of the Republic and its powers passed to the Council of Ministers.

The Law of Provincial and Municipal Governments was also modified, the bases for the reorganization of the armed forces arose and the repressive bodies of the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship (1952-1959) disappeared.

On February 7, the highest leadership of the country proclaimed the Fundamental Law of the Republic, which maintained basic postulates of the Constitution of 1940 and incorporated modifications in tune with the new historical conditions.

Similarly, the Ministry for the Recovery of Misappropriated Assets and the National Institute for Savings and Housing were created, and a law was approved that lowered housing rents to the population by up to 50 percent.

In this context, on March 22, 1959, the first parade and concentration of the people in support of the laws of the young process took place.

Hundreds of thousands of people from Havana occupied the esplanade in front of the Presidential Palace (now the Museum of the Revolution) to listen to Fidel Castro.

That day, the leader of the Revolution affirmed that leading the country was a difficult task, as it was a ‘true Revolution’, ‘a root cure’ for age-old ills, and ‘a surgical operation in which you have to cut your losses. ‘.

Fidel Castro insisted on the need to eliminate racial discrimination in spaces of society, denounced the campaigns against the transformations on the island and advocated for the unity of the nation against the international oligarchy and the internal enemies of the Revolution.

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