Damascus: Syria and Russia today announced the closure of the three recently reopened humanitarian corridors in the northern provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, due to terrorist bombings.

The constant hostile and provocative actions of extremist organizations led to the closure of the Saraqueb and Mirnaz crossings in Idlib, and of Abu Zaydeen in Aleppo, reported a statement from the Reconciliation Center of the Russian Defense Ministry, based in the Arab country.

It added that these will be reopened when the situation normalizes and creates conditions that guarantee the safety of civilians.

In addition to the attacks against the corridors, the radical groups threatened civilians and attacked the roads leading to them with machine guns in order to prevent them from leaving the areas under government control.

Those corridors were opened on three previous occasions during 2020 and February of the current year, but the terrorist organizations also prevented the exit of civilians.

Extremist groups such as the Junta for the Liberation of the Levant, formerly Al Nousra Front, are deployed in Idlib.

The Syrian army managed to liberate 56 percent of that province in 2020 and terrorists currently control less than half, where they retain hundreds of thousands of civilians as human shields. (IVP)

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