VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba

Havana, Cuba: At the gates of the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the avant-garde political organization focuses on advancing in accordance with the historic goals of the Revolution, Prensa Latina publishes.

The new appointment has on the agenda the natural continuity in the direction and the analysis of the challenges of the country in the face of the economic transformations and the complex world scenario.

As a precedent, the third conclave of the PCC, held in 1986, called for the analysis of socio-economic transformations and critically reviewed the errors and negative trends in socialist construction.

With the III Congress, the PCC reached the culmination of a five-year period of fruitful work on all fronts of the Revolution, the then second secretary of the Central Committee, Raúl Castro, assured in the opening remarks.

‘It will be up to Congress to discuss the draft of the first program of the PCC, which will be analyzed later by the party organizations and the Young Communists League, by the workers, peasants and students, by the combatants (…) and the entire people, to be endorsed in a special session of the conclave ‘, he advanced.

With the third meeting, Raúl Castro added, the intense preparatory activity culminated, which included the processes of balance and election of the grassroots organizations and the intermediate management bodies of the communist organization.

In the report of the event, the then first secretary of the Central Committee, Fidel Castro, pointed out what he called deficiencies and flaws in the advancement of the Cuban model.

“There will be no shortage of critical remarks in due time, nor of ideas about what we must fight and resolutely win”, he assured in the presentation of the document.

Each Congress should be an encouraging account of what has been done, an energetic critique of what was left behind, and an optimistic and resolute projection into the future, he added.

Among the points made, Fidel Castro highlighted the insufficiencies in the export of goods and services, in the substitution of imports and the failure to deliver products to other socialist countries.

Likewise, he called for improving tourism, increasing exportable items and eliminating excessive expenses and little income in productive services such as maritime transport.

Subjective situations persist in the national economy that conspire against reducing production costs, increasing profitability and saving material, labor and financial resources, he mentioned.

‘There are obvious deficiencies and failures that we must point out by name and fight them with all energy. Only then will we be worthy of calling ourselves communists! ” he added.

The learning stage must be definitely left behind, it is time to fully apply the enormous accumulation of experiences and knowledge acquired in the years of the Revolution, stressed Fidel Castro, who was ratified as the first secretary of the PCC.

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