: In this territory they planted 83 hectares.

Mayabeque, Cuba: With the collection of more than 100 tons of potato above the intended plan, the harvest of the tuber of the Cold Campaign in San José de las Lajas is expected to conclude.

Yields above 16 tons on average per hectare of seed potatoes and those destined for social consumption support the expected results for the close of harvest in the coming days.

In this territory they planted 83 hectares, 15 of them to guarantee the seed of the tuber planting of the upcoming Cold Campaign in Mayabeque.

The weather conditions, cold at night, the adequate preparation of the land and the application of the technological package in the crops also favored the positive results of this harvest, according to Adolfo Francisco Sánchez, head of Analysis and control of the Nazareno Agricultural Company.

Francisco Sánchez also pointed out that as soon as the potato harvest is finished and depending on the rotation of the crops, the sowing of seasonal vegetables and vegetables will begin.

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