Belarus denounces the probable involvement of the United States in the attempted attack.

Minsk: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko denounced the probable participation of US agencies in the attempted coup in his country, it was known today in a video released by the Executive, Prensa Latina publishes.

‘We stopped the group, they showed us how they had planned everything, I was silent. Then we discovered the work of clearly foreign intelligence services, most likely the CIA, the FBI, ‘Lukashenko said.

In his statements, the president accused the highest US authorities of being involved in the events.

The head of state confirmed the failure of the coup attempt and the assassination plans against him and his family.

He narrated that the authorities of his country requested help from the Russian Government and its Federal Security Service (FSB) to organize the arrest of those implicated in the attack plans, who had moved from the United States to Moscow.

On Friday, the FSB, with the support of the Belarusian State Security Committee, detained Belarusian citizens Alexandr Feduta and Yuri Zenkovich, the latter also possessing US nationality, in the Russian capital.

According to the FSB’s public relations service, “both planned to carry out a military coup in Belarus following the script of the so-called color revolutions and involving Ukrainian and local nationalists”.

The Russian security agency confirmed that the actions included the physical elimination of the Belarusian president and his family.

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