Those who led the violence and the violation of human rights cannot be ignored.

La Paz: The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, asked to implement the actions recommended in the report on violence and violation of human rights, after the coup at the end of 2019, disseminates the Latin American Information Agency.

In the act of presentation of the results of the investigation carried out for eight months by an Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), the president urged the Prosecutor’s Office to proceed accordingly.

He also urged the Legislature to approve in the shortest possible time the judgment of responsibilities to establish the authorship, guilt and sanctions of the serious violations committed during the de facto regime headed by Jeanine Áñez.

“We are going to deconstruct all para-police organizations and irregular groups created as forces of repression parallel to the State,” Arce said, based on a suggestion in the document.

He affirmed that his government will repeal Supreme Decree 4461 and establish a commission of the highest level to advance the census of victims and their adequate comprehensive reparation.

History calls on everyone to rise to the occasion so that justice is done, he added, while he hopes that all political forces will assume this responsibility that translates into a commitment to our democracy, he stressed.

Based on conclusive and scientific evidence from the GIEI, the highest Bolivian government authority remarked in its speech this Tuesday that at the end of 2019 a coup riot took place in the nation that was coordinated and carried out for months.

The coup plotters forced Evo Morales, then constitutional president, to resign to avoid more violence against the population that rejected the coup, in November of that year.

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