Greater Caribbean joins tourist reopening in Cuba.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Cuban hotel chain Gran Caribe announced today its incorporation into the country’s tourist reopening, officially scheduled for November 15. The main facilities are in Mayabeque, Havana, the Varadero resort, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos and the Isla de la Juventud.

A message from the company, spread in the social networks, specifies that the group reopens with gradual incorporations depending on the demand of travelers.

The tourist centers

The Gran Caribe hotel group, established on August 1, 1994, covers more than 12 thousand rooms in 45 establishments distributed in the most important recreational centers of the country.

Its proposals include classic and historical hotels, of singular architectural wealth and national monuments.

The all-inclusive modality is used mostly in facilities on the first line of the best beaches or in beautiful unspoiled places in the keys.

Its hotels include Havana, beaches to the east of the capital, Varadero, Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, and the Largo del Sur, Guillermo and Coco keys.

The slogans of the chain evolved over time as: The best Destination for those who know how to choose, An Exclusive Destination, the Greater Caribbean in all its Splendor, up to the current The Authentic Art of Hospitality.

Among its highlights is the National Hotel, founded on December 30, 1930, which will precisely reopen its doors on that date, when it is 90 years old and is a symbol not only of the island hotel industry but of tourism as a whole in this archipelago.

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