Maduro Summons to National Day of Electoral Pre-campaign.

Caracas: The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, summoned the militants of the Gran Polo Patriótico Simón Bolívar (GPPSB) to start a national pre-campaign day next Thursday, with a view to the regional elections on November 21, Radio Habana Cuba reports.

“This October 7, when the 9th anniversary of the victory of Commander Hugo Chávez Frías in 2012, we have decided to start a national mobilization day of the GPP pre-campaign, in the 335 municipalities and 23 states of the country,” he announced the Venezuelan ruler.

Maduro participated this Tuesday in a Training Workshop that he dictated in Caracas, with the political teams and some of the GPPSB candidates that they will contest in the November 21 elections.

The GPPSB is made up of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and nine other political organizations that support the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Venezuelan head of state specified that, within the framework of what he called the National Pre-Campaign Mobilization Day, many activities will be carried out until October 28, to be with the people and listen to their claims and proposals.

In the November 21 elections, Venezuelans will renew the country’s governors and mayors, in addition to electing the members of the legislative councils and municipal councils.

The official campaign, called by the National Electoral Council (CNE), will begin after October 28.

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