Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, kidnapped by the United States.

Caracas: The first hearing against the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab held in the city of Miami, United States, became a media spectacle, where his fundamental rights were violated, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.

According to official sources, the process against Saab, who is imprisoned in that country after the kidnapping operation that began in Cape Verde was carried out, began without evidence and with political arguments.

The first reading of the charges promoted by the US prosecutor’s office against the Venezuelan diplomat took place in a Miami court, without the presence of the accused, who was not allowed to attend the audience and had to listen to the words of Judge O’Sullivan from the cell in where he remains illegally kidnapped.

In addition to not being allowed to be present at the arraignment, the Venezuelan diplomat was denied fundamental rights such as bail, this with the allegation of risk of flight, according to reports.

Another of the elements that marked this initial hearing was the flagrant violation by anti-Venezuelan activists financed by the lobbies of the right-wing continental extremism, who published images of this hearing in disregard of Judge O’Sullivan’s prohibition on the exhibition of videos or recordings.

The next appearance is scheduled for the upcoming November 1 where the formal reading of the charges against the special envoy will be made and the request for bail requested by the defense will be addressed again.

Analysts qualify the preliminary appearance of the former as an indication of cruelty and denial of the presumption of innocence.

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